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Who Are We

Claraplast is a collector and distributor of plastic raw material for the worldwide recycling industry. We are a small and experienced enterprise and as such we prioritize quality of service and relationships. Our aim is to treat our suppliers and clients as long-term partners with an “a la carte” commercial approach. Our core strength has always been offering solutions for more than a hundred references of plastics and assisting our partners during the full sourcing process.

Thanks to our business network, built up throughout more than two decades of experience, we offer unparalleled insight into the plastic industry. Because of our size we are able to stay versatile and flexible in all market situations. Transparency and communication helped us become not just a strong player, but a real brand.

In numbers
What We do

With our small, but experienced team, we can reach all national and international markets and we can proudly say that we can offer a solution for all existing and recyclable polymers. Claraplast can with no doubt, be considered as an expert and a specialist in the field of recycling of plastics scraps. Accumulated, our team reaches 100 years of experience all over the world. This allows us to be extremely versatile, but also very fast in finding solutions to problems.

Our business principals and ethics have also become a major asset for almost three decades, as we put lots of energy in long term agreements and commitments with a priority on reliability and transparency.

We always try to be on top of the markets on pricing, we buy 12 months per year, 365 days through as we believe that stability and continuity are the keys to out successful future.

Market Share


In August 2014 Claraplast was founded.

In September Recycling Network Germany GmbH (RNG) and Rohstoffvermarkungs GmbH (RVG) became official partners of Claraplast. With this cooperation a working capital was created that covered the purchase markets of Claraplast, mainly France and Benelux) and simultaneously Claraplast was able to use existing sales channels as RNG and RVG were very well established traders in the recycling industry.

Our first Belgian yard was opened in Merksplas.


2015 was focused on growth and new team members were hired to support the commercial and logistic department.

In April 2016 Claraplast established in Meer its new warehouse that provided more space, more working capacity and movements.

To enable the growth activities Claraplast increased equity.


RVG became sole partner of Claraplast, with increase of profit share for both companies.

Setting foot in the recycling market of Turkey.


Expanding the market in Turkey and finding alternative markets due to National Sword Campaign in China.

Further increase and support of the Claraplast team by the new office manager.


RVG merges with another local recycler, Fischer Rohstoffe GMBH, a very promising partnership that will have huge synergy effects on sales enabling Claraplast to expand its purchasing power and market shares in France and Benelux.


Maintaining and stabilizing the successes of 2019 despite the impacts of COVID-19.

April 2021 – going independent!

Since Claraplast was founded in August 2014 and having overcome many obstacles, we can now proudly say that we have reached a steady volume and strong and stable partnerships both on buying and selling sides. Going independent will make us even more effective, and much more profitable. There is no better way to feel the market and his fluctuations, than to be connected to it on daily basis. On top of that, we have been able to create a strong and solid back office which allow us to grow further. The possibility for, Claraplast (not the obligation) to not extend our contract at the end of this year (31/12/2020), is the trigger to go solo. The learning curve was tough, but the future is bright.

September 2021

In September 2021 Claraplast was pleased to officially launch his own managed warehouse in Malle . With 8 loading docks, 8000 m² covered and 2000 m² outside storage the warehouse has been calibrated to a daily capacity of 30 movements per day. This new house for Claraplast material, allows us to have a better quality control and to prepare the goods as per clients' requirement. The further investments, planned in 2022 will allow us to grow one step up in the value chain.


In the second half of 2022, Claraplast will install a sorting line and a baling press in the new warehouse. This will allow not only to improve the weight of the outgoing material, optimise handling cost and also allow us to sort material to increase value and volumes of supply to endusers.


We have no open positions at the moment.

Contact Us

Head Office

Rucaplein 53, 2610 Wilrijk, Belgium
+32 3 616 616 0


Industrieterrein "Delften-zuid" - Delften 23 - Hal 11, 2390 Malle, Belgium

Netherlands Branch Office

Regus Business Park Breda, Verlengde Poolseweg 16, 4818 CL Breda, The Netherlands